28th Chief of Clan Matheson

The current and 28th Chief of Clan Matheson is Sir Alexander Matheson of Matheson, 8th Baronet of Lochalsh. His ‘day job’, though, is as a senior member of the Royal Household: as both the Queen’s Senior Gentleman Usher and Extra Equerry to Her Majesty.
This means he has had a close association with the Queen, and thus he has an important role in the the current memorial and funeral arrangements. Here he is (indicated) in the procession of the Queen’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where it is lying in state.
Sir Alexander will be in a similar position in the two funeral processions in London on Monday, though on the right-hand side of the carriage (in the direction of travel) rather than the left-hand side as shown. He will also accompany the state hearse for the later procession at Windsor Castle.
This is a solemn duty for Sir Alexander. We in Clan Matheson New Zealand wish him well.

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