Matheson family history publications

Clan Matheson in Scotland

If you’re investigating your Matheson family origins, you’ll link to ancestors in Scotland.  From this page you can download books and articles written in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries about Matheson families in Scotland.  Some contain detailed genealogies.

There’s also a book and map about traditional sites of Matheson history in Lochalsh in the Scottish Highlands, useful if you’re planning a trip there.

Publications about Matheson families in New Zealand

Some New Zealand Mathesons have written and published their family stories.  On this page we list the nine publications we know of.  You can download one from the website, one is still available for sale, and most can be found in a public library somewhere. 

You might be able to add to this collection.  It is a great gift to your family to pull together all your family’s story into one account.  You could publish a printed book or booklet, create a website or even just distribute a pdf publication at no cost.

The Waipu migration

Some Mathesons were involved in the large migration of Highland Scots to Waipu north of Auckland, many of whom settled in Nova Scotia as part of their long journey.

We have an article about the migration here.  Many books have been written about this epic migration, and we describe them here.

The Waipu Scottish Migration Museum has collected a wealth of information about individual migrants and their descendants, including many Mathesons.  They can research family connections for a modest fee, and welcome support from museum friends who subscribe to their newsletter.

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