Family history

One of the main aims of Clan Matheson New Zealand is to help people with Matheson heritage find out more about their family history and family stories.  This area of the website has plenty of resources to help you do that.

Exploring your family history

Whether you’re new to exploring your family history or experienced, we have information to help you on this page.

We have a guide to starting your genealogical journey and links to further resources.

Our newsletter has a series of practical guides to family history resources, and the key ones are available to download as separate publications.

Clan Matheson New Zealand runs a family history forum where you can share questions (and answers) about family history topics.  You can also use our Facebook group for this.


You may be lucky enough to find connections to your family in publications about other Matheson families, and this page on our website takes you to many that might be relevant..

You can download books about Clan Matheson in Scotland — genealogies of different family lines, and information about where they lived.

We’ve also listed all the books we know of about Matheson families in New Zealand.  One is available for download, others can be found in libraries and some are still available for sale.

If your ancestors were part of the migration to Waipu, there is plenty of information to look at.  We have a guide that will help.

Matheson military heritage

New Zealand’s participation in overseas wars has affected many New Zealand families, and Mathesons are no exception.  Finding out about your relatives’ involvement can be an important part of your family history research.

From this page you can find out about every New Zealand Matheson who served in the First World War, and those who died on active service during the Second World War.