More material on Mathesons who served in WW1

I’ve updated the material on our website about Mathesons who served in the First World War.

There are new pages on:
Alexander Mathieson 46751
Alexander Duncan Mathieson 31520
Angus Neil Matheson 51407
Hugh Alexander Matheson 32868
William Matheson 27544

And updated pages on:
Alexander George Matheson 15205
John McArthur Mathieson 31519

Much of this additional material has been provided by Zelda Matheson.

1 thought on “More material on Mathesons who served in WW1”

  1. Hi
    I am a retired Navy Captain selling off a long held medal collection. In listing just now a medal to Kenneth Murdoch Matheson KIA Palestine I saw on my records I had noted your website and thought to let you know it is currently on Trade Me, NZEF WAR MEDAL KIA AYUN KARA
    Closes: Wed 27 Mar 6:45 pm (#1991942342)
    Best regards

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