Highland games


Now that the worst of covid restrictions are behind us you can plan with confidence to take part in Highland games and other celebrations of Scottish culture in New Zealand.  So far the summer of 2022—2023 is shaping up well.

At Highland games over the next summer there will be opportunities to hear about Clan Matheson, make suggestions and be involved in its activities.  At 2.00 pm come along to the clan tent at these games:


The first are the Hororata Highland Games.  Clan Matheson will be there, so look out for the tent and come along to hear about developments in the clan and our work to promote Matheson heritage.  Saturday 5 November at the Hororata domain.


The Auckland Highland Games were planned for Saturday 26 November, but have been cancelled.  The next ones will be held in 2023.


The Waipu Highland Games are back on, and will be the delayed 150th celebration of the first Highland games in the town, then called Caledonian games in 1871 (though there were games as early as 1869).  Sunday 1 January 2023, Caledonian Park, St Mary’s Road, Waipu.


The Turakina Highland Games (the 158th) will take place on Saturday 28 January 2023 at the Turakina Domain, Cameron Road (off State Highway 3 at Turakina).


The Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo will next be held on Saturday 11 February 2023 at the Paeroa Domain, 6 Willoughby Street.

Past events


Check out our past events here.


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