Family history help for Clan Matheson Society members

Joining the Clan Matheson Society gives you access to help with researching your own family history.  Margaret Faed does this work as a volunteer for the society in New Zealand, and tells how she got the family history ‘bug’:

“How did I get started?  My mother-in-law was born Alice Matheson in Whorouly, in Australia.  The family had shifted to Melbourne before she went to England and met her husband Denis Faed on the way back home by ship.  They married in Auckland.  My husband John had no knowledge of the family in Whorouly until I started the research.  He had no idea he had a first cousin living near where the family settled in 1861.  I have since met them and found so much more about the family.  I was fortunate to find and visit where they came from originally in Scotland.”

Margaret is happy to help people get started on their family trees, or give assistance in breaking down some of those brick walls you encounter in genealogy.  This is a membership benefit for those in the Clan Matheson Society.  Margaret can be contacted at, (09) 425 4662 or write Margaret Faed 8 Apollo Place.

Before contacting Margaret you might like to look at our guide to getting started with your family story.