This section outlines publications about Clan Matheson on the world stage.

History of the Mathesons, with genealogies of the various families

This book was first published in 1882 by Alexander Mackenzie, and a second edition was heavily revised by Alexander MacBain and published in 1900.

History of the Mathesons 1900 (Custom)The book first deals with the origins and traditions of the chiefly branch of Bennetsfield and the chiefship.  It then covers the Mathesons of Lochalsh and Attadale (including both the Scottish and Canadian branches), and the families of Matheson of Iomaire, Glas-na-muclach, Sutherland, Shiness, Achany, and the Lews.  The detailed appendices deal with controversial issues relating to the Mathesons, their history, and their genealogy.  The book also describes the Matheson tartan and the armorial bearings of the family.

Both editions are available free of charge in a variety of formats from the Internet Archive:

1882 edition

1900 edition

Traditional sites of Matheson history in Lochalsh

This booklet and the accompanying map relate the place names in Lochalsh mentioned in the ‘History of the Mathesons’ to their locations, and record some of the history associated with them.  A previous chief of the clan, Sir Torquhil Matheson of Matheson, undertook this project to record place names of significance to the clan before changing landscapes and revision of maps lost the connection.  The UK branch of the clan society has made the book and the map both available.

Traditional sites in Lochalsh (Custom)