The Clan Matheson Society brings together many people interested in their Scottish origins.  This area of the website is developing as a resource centre for members of the New Zealand branch who want to find out more about their Highland heritage.

How to start your family history

Read here for a guide to starting your genealogical journey, and for links to further resources.


Find publications about Clan Matheson and the Waipu migration to New Zealand, and accounts written by Mathesons in New Zealand.

Clan genealogist

The New Zealand branch has its own genealogist!  She may be able to help you with family tree information provided by other branch members, or link you up with others researching the same family line.

Matheson DNA project

Find out more about how DNA analysis is unlocking the secrets of the clan’s origins.

Waipu Museum

The Waipu Museum has collected a wealth of information about the Highland Scots who migrated to Waipu in Northland, including many Mathesons.  They can research family connections for a modest fee, and welcome support from museum friends who subscribe to their newsletter.


  1. Margo Miller

    I believe that my paternal grandmother, Annie Augusta McLeod, was one of the settlers who arrived from Nova Scotia in 1852. By my reckoning she would have been 7y.o. She subsquently married a first generation Englishman, Arthur Octavius Miller. Her McLeod mother later married a man called Hay, who already had 2 daughters and moved to Sydney. Annie and Arthur originally lived in Parua Bay. He taught at the local school at one stage but also farmed, as I recall from my father’s reminiscences. Can you help me trace them,please?

  2. Margo

    There are some great tips here for starting out with family history: Good luck with your search.

  3. Sally Postill

    Hi there

    My Grandad was a Matheson and we’re fairly sure we’re linked to the clan! I just wondered if there was any info on Lake Matheson? I was lucky enough to sky dive over it but couldn’t find out who might have named it etc?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Sally

    Skydiving over it is certainly a special way of viewing Lake Matheson! You can see more about the origins of the lake’s name here:

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