Clan Matheson Society New Zealand branch, annual meeting for 2017

The branch is having its annual meeting in Auckland on Sunday 30 July, and all members and potential members are welcome.  Please feel free to come along and help guide the branch’s activities over the next year, and meet other clan members.

The meeting is at the Logan Campbell building in the Auckland Botanic Gardens, on Sunday 30 July from 1pm to 4pm.

Edinburgh Tattoo 2017

Some of you will have been lucky enough to see the Edinburgh Tattoo being performed in Wellington earlier this year as part of the Wellington International Arts Festival.  Next year might just be the time to include in your travel plans the tattoo in its home city.

edinburgh-tattoo-customThe tattoo is the headline event of the Edinburgh Festival each August.  It has a cast of 1,200 performers from all over the world, and next year there will be 25 shows between 4 and 26 August.  The shows have an audience of 8,000 each night but the TV coverage has a global audience of a staggering 1 billion people.

The Convenor of Clan Matheson, Alexander Matheson (son of the Chief, Sir Fergus Matheson) has written with news of a special event planned for next year’s tattoo.

2017 is Scotland’s ‘Year of Heritage, History and Archaeology’, and the tattoo will support this through the theme ‘Splash of Tartan’.  The Royal Navy are leading the tattoo in 2017, and the tattoo will set sail with the massed bands of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines to celebrate the heritage, colour and diversity of Scotland’s global family both near and far.  As well as a spectacular show the audience will be invited to come dressed in their clan, family or group tartan or just one that they like wearing.

The organisers have asked chiefs of highland clans and heads of lowland families to volunteer, and they will be allocated to each performance over the period of the tattoo.  More than enough have volunteered and it is likely that 2 or more chiefs will feature at each performance.

Clan Matheson has been given the 7:30pm performance on Saturday 19th August 2017 (along with Clan Colquhoun).  Details are still being finalised, but the overall scope of the event is:

Chief to attend as principal guest.

Chiefs to march into the performance at head of his or her clanspeople, who should wear their tartan.

Chief to take a dram with the pipe major, to open the performance.

The clan theme will be run through the show in conjunction with the Royal Navy theme.

Individual clan tartans will be projected onto Edinburgh Castle.

Clan members will be able to purchase tickets before they are generally released.

Clans to benefit from tattoo marketing and publicity, with a major digital campaign aimed at the diaspora.

So, here’s your chance to wear your tartan on a themed night at Edinburgh Castle, and meet other Clan Matheson members at an event in conjunction with the ‘Matheson’ tattoo.  Mark 19 August 2017 in your travel diary, and dusty off the tartan!

Watch out for more details here or at the Clan Matheson Society international website.



Highland games

New Zealand has a strong legacy of Highland games, and you can find events all around the country.  Some are listed here.


Past events

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  1. Chris Binns

    Luncheon is now to be on 22nd Nov.

  2. Diane Mathison

    Hi, I have just found thus site. My name is Diane Mathison. My father is Ian James Mathison. His father was Duncan Mathison. I am interested to connect further with my clan. I am interested to find out more. Cheers, Diane

  3. Hi Diane. You might want to check out this page on getting started with your family history quest. Are you able to provide any more information that might help people link to you?

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