There’s been a lot of response to the two articles on this website about Mathesons who served overseas and in New Zealand during the First World War.  People have written in with further information about some of these men, and sent photographs.  I’ve managed to track down contemporary photos of many of those listed, and have researched the war service of some in my family.

All this material has generated a new article on the website.  If you read to the end of if, you’ll discover two mysteries that I discovered along the way.  One remains unsolved.

I’d be interested in stories or photos about any of the men or the one woman in our lists.

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I’ve added a fifth title to the article listing family stories of New Zealand Mathesons.  ‘Fac et spera — do and hope — the Mathesons of Fourpenny’ traces the Scottish origins of the author Monica Kidd (nee Matheson), who was once the genealogist for the New Zealand branch of the Clan Matheson Society.

Monica’s account details the New Zealand lives of her grandparents and their descendants, and is a good example of the value of writing down family stories to record them for future generations.


An article on this website lists the 81 Mathesons (including those with similar names) from New Zealand who I’ve found to have served overseas during the First World War.  I’ve now researched those who joined the army but did not leave these shores, and discovered 22 more.

Their story shows an army increasingly desperate for soldiers, conscripting or accepting men who were physically not suitable for active service.  Many others were simply not needed as the war came to an end, and were sent home from training camps.  The post is here.