Clan Matheson Society member Trevor Matheson has been appointed as New Zealand’s ambassador to Indonesia, the most populous country in Southeast Asia and an important partner for New Zealand.

Trevor is currently New Zealand’s ambassador to Italy and a number of other European nations, and has had a distinguished diplomatic career.

I’ve updated the page on Matheson merchandise, removing businesses that seem to have gone out of business and adding new entries.

If you know of any other places in New Zealand where Mathesons can buy Highland apparel or accessories, please add a comment below.

Berry photo Matheson - Copy (Custom)The centenary of the First World War is under way, and the prime ministers of New Zealand and Australia have this week been in Albany, Western Australia, marking 100 years since the first time troops of our two countries joined together to go to war.  Of the 8,500 men who sailed away in that first convoy of troops, four were named Matheson or Mathieson.  In total 81 New Zealanders named Matheson (or a variant) served overseas in that conflict.

I’ve looked at the records of each of them and summarised their stories in this article.  It make sobering reading, with more than half of those who joined up either killed or wounded so seriously they weren’t fit for service.  No-one came through unscathed.

There are and have been many Highland pipe bands in New Zealand, and one wore the Matheson tartan in its uniform.  The history of the Strath Taieri Highland Pipe Band, written by Elliot Matheson, explains whyStrath Taieri museum band uniform.