The list of Matheson place names in New Zealand continues to grow as we find more features that bear the family name.  I’ve just discovered that the newish development near Wanaka called Albert Town contains a Matheson Crescent.  So far this article lists 11 Matheson Roads, and one each of Matheson Bay Road, Mathesons Road, Matheson Way, Matheson Crescent and Matheson Street in New Zealand, as well as the famous lake, a bay and a mountain.

If you know of how any of these places got their names, do tell us.



This year sees the beginning of the centenary of the First World War, and all over New Zealand (and further afield) people will be discovering their family stories from this terrible conflict.  Auckland Council Libraries have produced an excellent guide for researching First World War family history.  Though with an Auckland focus, it’s useful for people anywhere.  You can download a copy from the Auckland Council Libraries website.

Peter Mathieson and Mary Mathieson are both descendants of Robert Mathieson — who was apparently the only All Black to have been born on the Chatham Islands.  They’d like to find out more about their heritage.  Check out their requests on the Family stories of New Zealand Mathesons page of this website, and see if you can assist them.