Welcome to all Mathesons, Mathiesons and Mathisons (and other variants of the name).

Matheson crestThe Clan Matheson Society was founded in the mid-twentieth century to link Mathesons around the world.  This is the website of the New Zealand branch of the society, one of several branches in countries where large numbers of Highland Scots settled.

The Clan Matheson Society links clan members worldwide and provides a connection to their Highland Scottish heritage.  Members connect through their branch’s events, newsletters and websites, and gather occasionally to discover more about their clan’s origins.

If you’re interested in Matheson family history, the society is the place for you.  You can meet up with other clan members to help find out more about your Scottish origins.  The society’s genealogy team is compiling full records of branches of the extended clan family, whether by following traditional records or through analysing DNA samples to trace clan connections.

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What’s new

July 2017

The branch is having its annual meeting in Auckland on Sunday 30 July, and all members and potential members are welcome.  Please feel free to come along and help guide the branch’s activities over the next year, and meet other clan members.  Details are here.

June 2017

Three Mathesons are in the list of New Zealanders who refused to take part in the First World War, and were severely treated for their stand.

April 2017

This Anzac Day sees a new section on the Clan Matheson New Zealand website about New Zealand Mathesons who served in the Second World War.

March 2017

I’ve reorganised the pages on New Zealand Mathesons in the First World War, and have created a new ‘landing page‘ for this area of the website.  More material is being added to this section of the site.  The latest is the sad story of Alexander George Matheson.

December 2016

I’ve added material to the page on the clan website that contains additional information about Mathesons who served in the First World War.  Thanks to one of the publications about New Zealand Mathesons, I’ve been able to tell something of the story of twin brothers Alexander Victor Mathieson and William Alfred Mathieson and their cousin William Harper Mathieson. All three hailed from farming stock in Southland, joined up, and returned safely from the war to go back onto the land.

We know of 80 Mathesons who went overseas from New Zealand to fight in the First World War.  They’re listed on our website, and you can now follow links from 25 of the 80 entries to find out more about some individuals.

In passing I’ve written accounts of four Mathesons who served in other countries’ armed forces during that war.

I’ve discovered two more publications about Mathesons in New Zealand, and profiled them on the Clan Matheson website.  By ‘Chance’ to Victoria is, despite the title, more about New Zealand than Australia. It recounts the stories of the families of John and Elizabeth Matheson and Christopher and Ann McRae.  The Paparimu Matheson family tree details the Mathesons who settled at Paparimu and Clevedon (both near Papakura in south Auckland). It contains transcripts and copies of original material dating back to the 1840s.


Finding out the story behind Matheson Corner Road in West Otago has been a real collaborative effort.  Read about the man behind the name.

There’s an article on the site about a highland pipe band in New Zealand with particular Matheson connections.  It’s been updated with a photo from the Middlemarch Museum.

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